Scarfff issue 9

  • Scarfff issue 9

24 pages of "Internet of Things" inspired comix, downloaded directly from the brains of some of the most talented and compelling creators making comix!
This issue features a cover that is ALSO an incredible COMIC (that's right! Extra sequential art!)! It's an anime tinged, vaper-wavy, 90's internet inspired comix story by Seattle based comic artist/animator/educator H&A (Handa) cover. Please check out her other work here (!
The centerfold features a an incredibly powerful image
by Seattle artist Myra Lara. Her image is a blistering critique of the forces of monetization, colonization, and marginalization which connects, and runs riven through almost every aspect of our our commodification, and the wealth building obsessed society. It's a SICK poster for our brutal times. Please check out, and support her other work here ( and

Scarfff is a comix anthology newspaper. It's wacky, serious, irreverent, low-brown, artsy, and everything the else that 100% creator owned, and artist driven comix have to offer. Printed on newsprint, Scarfff is an unstapled, full 11"x17" tabloid style news paper comic, produced right in the city of Seattle.
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