Scarfff is a quarterly comix anthology - 100% newsprint - 100% comix

SCARFFF COMIC (an underground comix anthology newspaper)

Our mission - Scarfff seeks to be an ambassador for comics as a medium by providing an entirely artist run, high quality, consistent publication, free of charge to readers and retailers, that features a diverse range of creators, styles, and perspectives.

Scarfff started when some frustrated cartoonists  from Seattle and San Francisco got together and made a newspaper... A COMIX NEWSPAPER.

Scarfff lets readers check out work from a range of diverse and inspired cartoonists, illustrators, and other visually creative types who might not otherwise have a venue to display their art. We're a quarterly publication where the content of each issue is created around a different theme. 

The cover price for Scarfff is FREE, so if you you find it in the wild IT'S ALL YOURS, BABY!

Scarfff's goal is to be like a PBS for comix. The product is free, but it takes time and money to make, print, and ship around the country (and the world). We got one step closer to this goal in 2022 when we recieved fiscal sponsorship from Shunpike. This means that we can now accept tax deductible donations (make a donation to Scarfff here:   So, when you buy copies of Scarfff, Subscribe through our Patreon, or make a donation you are:

- Generously helping us make this comix newspaper a reality with your support. 

- Giving creative people a place to show off their talent.

- Introducing the unsuspecting people of the world to the wonders of comics!

Tax deductible donatoins can be made here (thanks to the support of Shunpike (

Please check out our Patreon to subscribe ( ) and consider supporting Scarfff for the long haul (we'll mail every new issue to you and you can get a lot of neat schwag!).

Thank you!

The first five issue of Scarfff Comics Newspaper stacked to show the masthead